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Ospe Questions | Anatomy Ospe Questions | Download | Anatomy And Physiology Ospe | Cmt Nta Level 4

Ospe Questions | Anatomy Ospe Questions | Download | Anatomy And Physiology Ospe | Cmt Nta Level 4

 One among the practical done by medical student of diploma or certificate of clinical medicine is this practical Called OSPE. Where by OSPE in full words is OBJECTIVE STRUCTURED PRACTICAL EXAMINATION. This is done when the medical student reach of medical student of first year (CMT NTA level 4) in first semester in module or subject of anatomy and physiology. But OSPE Examination done for medical student of third year in first semester in module of Surgical Specialties. Other practical like oral questions, clinical examinations (OSCE).14 As the total credit of anatomy but practical (OSPE) take 2 Credit When 4 credit is for theory examination. By Means that it takes 15% in anatomy and physiology 

Practical/ Clinical examination is intended to allow the student to participate in undertaking a particular procedure individually. The learner should demonstrate the ability to observe, carry out a procedure and deduce results. It generally reinforces the learning process and develops the learners’ practical ability. It measures the capability of learners through actual doing of a particular task or skills.


This examination done by displaying of picture that containing different parts (anatomy) of disease(surgical) then to identify and answer the following questions, but it depends with teacher how many pictures will display but minimum picture is five (5) picture, and maximum picture are twenty (20) pictures

This article aims and share to medical student to give a OSPE Questions with answers. But MimiHapa MEDICINE give a credit to those who prepare it for medical students and us as HOME OF MEDICINE we simplify a work as machine. Or as chemical equation representing the chemical reaction by simplest way

 Download Here Anatomy Ospe Questions With Answers

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